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After removing the mention of 2018 TVs from a support page and saying publicly that those TVs would not receive support for Apple’s AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, LG backs off and states once again that such models may rather mirror the content or the screen of an iPhone, Mac or iPad, in addition to controlling home appliances connected with the Apple company protocol.

LG B8 OLED TV with AirPlay 2

It didn’t last long, it has been 12 days since LG UK’s official Twitter account (post already deleted) said that any TV launched before 2019 was no longer in the plans to receive AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, so the company Korean take a step back. The statement contradicts the resource support page itself, which until recently listed some models from 2018 that would be able to work with these technologies, with the help of a software update that would arrive via download from webOS.

The same Twitter account published a new text on Monday (7), saying that “customers from all over the world can now enjoy the Apple TV app on 2018 OLED and Super UHD TV models, with 4K more slowly entering the list. 2018 TV sets will receive support for AirPlay 2 and HomeKit later this year and more details will be shared when these features become available. ”

While the Apple TV app works as a platform to watch all Apple TV + content and movies that can be purchased within iTunes, AirPlay 2 is a kind of Apple Chromecast, which displays photos, videos and even some games on the screen. an iPhone, iPad, or Mac on a compatible TV. HomeKit groups smart device settings, such as thermostats, locks and even remotely controlled lamps.

Other competing manufacturers from LG have not changed their plans and they include 4K UHD, QLED 4K and The Frame screens from 2018 onwards at Samsung, while Sony delivers both AirPlay 2 and HomeKit on the Z9G, Z9F, X950G lines, X850G, A9G to A9F, as well as leaving the factory on the Z8H, A9S, A8S, 950H, 900H and 800H lines.

With information: The Verge.

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