LG and Panasonic unite for “filmmaker mode” on 4K TVs | Gadgets

A film-making mode that minimizes image post-processing as much as possible and adjusts colors to be as accurate as possible. That’s what TV makers like LG and Panasonic, are planning: they are joining directors and film studios so that viewers “enjoy a more cinematic experience” in their living rooms.

4K TV LG UM7650

The initiative comes from the UHD Alliance (UHDA), which has more than 40 members of the TV, processor, audio and entertainment industry. The feature is “based on input from a wide range of notable filmmakers” and “offers a way for consumers to have a better experience of the filmmaker’s vision”.

And what does the filmmaker do? The main villain fought by the resource is motion interpolation, which gets names like LG TruMotion, Samsung Auto Motion Plus and Sony MotionFlow XR. Most films are shot at 24 fps, but TVs typically have 60 or 120 Hz screens. To take advantage of the higher refresh rate, manufacturers smooth out movements by creating intermediate frames.

There are those who like the feature, but the “novel effect” caused by the interpolation of movement suffers harsh criticism especially from those working in the film industry, because it alters the “cinematic experience” and does not show the film the way it was originally produced.

In addition to disabling motion interpolation, the filmmaker mode tries to ensure the correct reproduction of the frame rate, image aspect ratio, colors and contrast of the films. Of course, you could just make all the adjustments by hand – but most users don’t even change the TV’s picture settings.

TV manufacturers will be able to implement the idea in a few ways: including a filmmaker mode in the settings, which makes all adjustments automatically; or activating the filmmaker mode when the film requires it, for example. The media files themselves may have metadata requesting filmmaker mode on compatible TVs.

The LG, Panasonic and Vizio brands are the first to announce support for filmmaker mode, but there are no dates yet when the feature will be released on TVs.

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