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THE Levi’s launched on Monday (30) two smart jackets in partnership with Google. They are part of the Jacquard project, a conductive fabric that allows a piece of clothing to function as a remote control for your smartphone. And, of course, they are not cheap, with prices up to $ 248 in the United States.

Levi's Trucker Jacket

Levi’s Trucker Jacket

Okay, but why the hell would you spend a thousand dollars on a denim jacket? Do not know. But this is not Levi’s first connected suit: in 2017, it launched the Commuter Trucker for an even higher price ($ 350), also as part of the Jacquard project, but with very limited availability. The new Trucker Jacket and Sherpa Jacket will be sold on the website and in more physical stores of the brand.

Both look like normal jackets, but have a small compartment on the left sleeve where the smart module is located, the Jacquard Tag. It connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth, is the size of a thumb drive and can be configured using the Android and iPhone application. A part of the tag stays out and has an LED that flashes to alert you about notifications on your cell phone.

Levi's Trucker Jacket

O The Verge, who wore the jacket, explains: “You can program up to four different rings and slide your fingers to perform dozens of different actions, such as playing / pausing music, silencing your phone, marking a point on the map, or setting up your phone to speak to time or your appointments. You can also use it to have your smartphone provide you with details about your Uber or toggle noise cancellation on your Bose headphone. ”

This advertisement with some people using AirPods (?) Shows use cases:

It is not very impressive – and many of these functions can now be done using a bracelet or smart watch, for example. But Levi’s believes there will be customers who will pay $ 198 for Trucker Jacket, a classic model made from jeans; or $ 248 on Sherpa Jacket, with cooler days. The two jackets are also sold in “dumb” versions, for about $ 100 less.

And if you think this is just a passing thing from Google, know that there are other brands investing in Jacquard: Saint Laurent launched a connected backpack (the tag is on the strap) which costs $ 995.

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