Leak says Pixel 4 screen will have 90 Hz update | Cell phone

While Google has confirmed some details about its next Pixel line flagship, other features have leaked out and give even more outline about what to expect from Pixel 4. A source close to the phone’s development says the screen will have a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Google Pixel 4

For these rumors now, the Pixel 4 will follow with two size variants, with the name XL for the larger of the two and that little changes inside. The amount of RAM and OLED screen with 90 Hz is part of the identical package on both sides, but the size of the display is 5.7 inches for the smaller of the two and 6.3 inches for the largest, with Full HD + resolution and Quad HD + respectively.

On battery, the smaller model will bring 2,800 mAh and the larger one will come with 3,700 mAh, a much bigger difference than just compensating for the screen that consumes more precisely due to its superior size and resolution. The processor of the two will be the Snapdragon 855, with options of 64 GB and 128 GB of memory – certainly without microSD, since no Nexus or Pixel received a drawer for the expansion of the memory.

The cameras should be on two sensors in both models, with 12 megapixels in the main and another 16 megapixels, focused on closer pictures.

As with other releases, expect that Pixel 4 will have the latest version of Android and that it will provide support guaranteed by Google for three years of updates. Remembering that the term is valid from the launch, not the purchase of the device.

The likely launch of the new Pixel 4 should happen in October this year, in time to fight with the next iPhone that should be presented by Apple as early as next month.

With information: 9to5Google.

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