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Riot Games chose the 10th anniversary ofLeague of Legends to announce, in a live broadcast, the projects for the future of the universe of LoL: versions of the game arrive for Android, iOS and consoles next year, but there will be no crossplay with the PC version and not all champions in the beginning.

league of legends for android and ios

League of Legends: Wild Rift is the name given to this “simplified” version of LoL, to adapt the PC experience to mobile phones and consoles. Gameplay is no different from what is already known in touchscreen games: movement on the left side while skills are controlled like the right thumb.

At launch, scheduled for the end of 2020 for the mobile version, only 40 champions will be available, with the promise of new ones being included in the future. Among the best known, according to the trailer, are Yasuo, Ashe, Braum, Nami, Nasus, Twisted Fate, Fizz, Annie, Jynx, Ahri and others.

Ranked queues will also be in Wild Rift and Riot will award a bonus to those loyal players of the desktop version, for the time invested in the game. It is not certain what kind of bonus this is, but I venture to say that it is something related to champions and unlocked skins as a “starter pack”.

The same strategy of the PC applies to mobile: Wild Rift it will be free to play, and billing will come from cosmetic items like new clothes for each champion. Beta testing begins later this year for players from China; it is possible if register on the official website to receive information about the public test.

The mode Teamfight Tactics will arrive in early 2020 as a separate application for Android and iOS. This “board” version of League of Legends will support crossplay with PC players.

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra is a card game in the style of Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering Arena, but with characters from League of Legends. It will be launched also launched in 2020 for PC and mobile devices.

Even more games: Project A, F and L

The first one, Project A, of them is the only one that is not in the universe of Runeterra. The competitive shooting game, based on characters with unique skills, takes place in an Earth future.

At the Project F, Riot says it will be possible to explore Runeterra with friends. Still without details about the gameplay of the game, the idea is to go out on the map and find the entire universe of League of Legends like Diablo.

Project F Riot Games

Project Lis for those who like fighting games in style Mortal Kombat, but, of course, with characters from League of Legends.

project L is a fighting game with characters from league of legends

The three games, still without specific names, had no release dates announced, nor on which platforms will be available, I guess I will say that they will be only for PC at first.

Arcane: an original Riot Games series

Riot has always published one or another cinematic animation of League of Legends on their official channels, whether to promote an event or a collection of skins. Why not invest in a series instead?

Arcane is an animated series that explores the stories of the champions of League of Legends. There is still no information on the release date or on which platforms the episodes will be available.

Remembering that it is not the first time that the developer invests in content other than games. In partnership with Marvel, a series of comics has already been published in League of Legends website.

With information: VentureBeat.

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