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Amazon announced on Monday (7) the launch of a children’s version of its e-book reader, with the name of Kindle Kids Edition. The new device is basically the simplest Kindle model that is sold by the online retail giant, only with a colorful cover, two years warranty and one year of access to FreeTime Unlimited.

kindle kids edition

This is the first Kindle that Amazon creates with a focus on children, which is actually a Kindle (other than Paperwhite or Oasis) with a beautiful cover and extra features already in the factory. As the audience is children, the company was kind to put a two-year warranty against anything – which can be the hard life of an object in the hands of the little ones.

In the warranty description, Amazon says that “the two-year warranty includes coverage for anything that happens with the Kindle Kids Edition. Just return it and we’ll exchange it for a new one ”.

If the hardware already existed, there are some new features in the software. The biggest one is that difficult words can get help from the dictionary to make the definition appear more quickly, another is in the selection of more fun wallpapers than those that accompany traditional Kindles.

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FreeTime Unlimited is a subscription to many things made for children, more or less along the lines of the reading package Kindle Unlimited. Altogether there are more than 20 thousand titles, videos and applications and the entire package can be installed in different locations – such as Kindle Fire tablets.

The Kindle Kids Edition costs $ 109.99 and pre-orders begin today in the United States, with delivery scheduled for the 30th of this month. There is no forecast for launch in Brazil.

With information: Amazon.

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