Justice prohibits dismissal of employees of the IT sector in SP for 90 days

By decision of the Regional Labor Court (TRT), no employee in the IT sector can be dismissed for the next 90 days in the entire state of São Paulo. The court also determined that employees in the category have a 3.43% increase in salaries and other benefits.

The decision was celebrated by the Union of Workers in Data Processing and Information Technology of the State of São Paulo (Sindpd), which understands that the decision is a form of punishment for companies because the matter has been taken to the judiciary.

This is because the negotiations of Sindpd with the companies for salary adjustment and other benefits would have started at the beginning of the year, but ended without agreement.

O Sindpd explains who, after holding assemblies across the state to discuss claims and a wage campaign, filed a negotiation with the Union of Data Processing and IT Services Companies of the State of São Paulo (Seprosp) in January 2019.

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However, attempts at negotiation have been frustrated. Based on labor reform, the Seprosp it would have demanded the withdrawal of clauses and rights of employees. The impasse led Sindpd to seek the TRT.

In the court decision, the salary adjustment was set at 3.43% retroactively to January 1, 2019. The same percentage of adjustment is valid for meal vouchers, childcare allowances and other benefits.

In addition, companies will not be able to fire IT employees within 90 days after August 28, when the TRT decision was made.

In fact, dismissals are even possible, but the dismissed worker will be entitled to receive, in addition to prior notice, full wages as if he had worked until the end of November 2019.

Luigi Nese, president of Seprosp, said that the entity agrees with the salary readjustment, but not with preventing layoffs. “We don’t think the decision to grant this stability is correct. Our companies work under the contract regime and have the right to plan, ”he declared.

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