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THE JBL announced on Wednesday (2) the launch of three new speakers called Clip 4, Go 3 and Xtreme 3, which are portable, can withstand accidental diving (or not) in a swimming pool and start using USB-C connection as standard for charging the internal battery.

jbl go 3 clip 4

Even without the IFA happening as in other years there in Berlin, the companies continue with their launches and JBL has done no different. She took advantage of the space she would have inside Europe’s largest electronics event to announce three new models of portable speakers with batteries included.

All three models are IP67 certified and it ensures that the speakers can operate for up to 30 minutes within a meter of depth, in addition to not complaining about dust or sand. They are perfect for staying on the sand with sound on and spoiling the peaceful beach experience of all users who are nearby.

The trio begins with two small boxes that are the JBL Clip 4 and Go 3. Both use a Bluetooth 5.1 connection, put volume and playback control buttons in a large, textured and easily accessible location, in addition to stamping the name JBL with large letters. The Go 3 looks like a fat lighter and can work for up to five hours of music in a row, while the Clip 4 doubles the autonomy and changes the look, which looks like a big lock.

jbl xtreme3

If you want a much more powerful speaker with 15 hours of non-stop music, the Xtreme 3 can be interesting. It has the same features as the previous ones, including the presence of a USB-C connection, which in this case can serve as a power supply to charge another device.

It also allows pairing with up to two other speakers compatible with PartyBoost technology, which plays audio in sync with all of them at the same time. In addition, it is possible to connect the Xtreme 3 with two sources, which can be smartphones, tablets, sound mixers or computers or any other device with Bluetooth.

When and how much?

The first of the three launches is from Go 3 and is scheduled for October this year, costing $ 39.95 in the United States. Then it is the turn of the Xtreme 3 that comes out for $ 349.95 in November and in December comes to Clip 4, costing $ 69.95. There is still no forecast for launch in Brazil.

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