It’s easier to find out if an Instagram email is legitimate or phishing

Dark mode for Android and iPhone is not the only novelty in the Instagram for this week: the application is also being updated to include a function that will help the user to find out if an email on behalf of the social network is legitimate or if it is just a phishing scam.


The feature is very simple: when accessing security settings, the Instagram app will display the option Instagram emails (Emails from Instagram); there are the messages that the service sent to the user’s email in the last 14 days.

The new option has two tabs: Security and Other. The first shows the security-related emails that Instagram sent, such as a login alert on a new phone or confirmation of a password change. The Other tab shows non-security related emails, such as notices of new features.

At first glance, the feature seems to have no relevance, but it can even contribute to security: the idea is to allow the user to consult these tabs whenever they receive an email from Instagram to know if the message is legitimate. If so, it will appear there; if not, it is a fake email, most likely.

Instagram emails

Apparently, this is an attempt by Instagram to curb account theft, an increasingly frequent problem on the platform. Many of these actions are carried out via e-mails that lead to fake Instagram pages that, in turn, ask for a username and password; if the user does not notice the trap, he will end up informing his login data to third parties.

Instagram’s two-step verification is a good security booster, but even so, care is needed: there are already phishing messages that try to convince the user to inform the authentication code of this function.

With information: The Verge.

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