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O Itaú started to offer pre-registration of Pix keys for individual and PJ clients; the Central Bank will open the registry on Monday (5). It is possible to associate your account with the CPF, mobile number or email address to facilitate transfers. The digital wallet Iti, in turn, has been updated to add support for this feature.

Banco Itaú (Photo: Flickr / thomashobbs)

Pix keys allow you to make a transfer without knowing the recipient’s agency and account. You will only need one data, such as the cell phone number, that the bank or fintech registers in the BC systems.

Itaú customers may encounter a pop-up when accessing the iPhone or Android application, recommending registering one or more keys; there is also a Pix button highlighted on the interface.

You can associate your CPF, cell phone or email with your Itaú account. In the case of a cell phone or email, you will receive a PIN code for validation, ensuring that they belong to you.

Pix keys at Itaú

The Iti digital wallet, which belongs to Itaú, is not pre-registering but has updated its app to include support for Pix keys. They can be registered at the user’s request from October 5th.

“As soon as it is released, you can register the keys for your iti account in our app: on the home screen, just choose the option ‘Pix Keys’ or tap on ‘View my profile’> ‘My Pix keys’ and choose the type of key you want to create— cell phone, social security number, email or random key ”, explains the application’s FAQ.

This is BC’s schedule for Pix:

  • October 5: registration of keys begins;
  • November 3: start of restricted operation;
  • November 16: launch for everyone.

Banks vie for Pix keys

Other large banks, such as Bradesco, had already opened the pre-registration for Pix keys. In fact, you must have seen several ads with actress Ana Paula Arósio promoting SX, the Santander platform – she would have received about R $ 8 million to star in the campaign.

As predicted, Pix is ​​generating a dispute between banks for the registration of customer keys. Yes, it is possible to port from one account to another, but financial institutions are betting that this will be the exception instead of the rule.

please note that each Pix key can be associated with only one bank account: for example, it will not be possible to use the same CPF as a key for Itaú and Bradesco at the same time – you will have to choose. The same goes for cell phone number and email.

Each individual account can have up to 5 keys (the limit is 20 for PC). In addition to the CPF, cell phone and e-mail, you can use an EVP (Virtual Payment Address), alphanumeric string generated by the BC; it can be useful for those who do not want to share personal data.

Itaú displays a pop-up on Pix:

Pix keys at Itaú

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