It will be harder to get a verified channel badge on YouTube

O YouTube allows any channel with more than 100,000 subscribers to request a verification badge. Or rather, it allowed: the service announced on Thursday (19) a stricter set of conditions for the seal, which means that youtubers on duty will have more difficulties to have verified accounts.

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This authenticity seal was created to certify that the channel belongs to the person or organization that claims to be behind it. But, for many publishers, this is also a way of increasing the channel’s credibility and prestige, which can help in obtaining commercial partnerships, for example.

In justifying the changes, YouTube stressed that its verification program is not a way to recommend channels or reward them. This is a growing concern, as research has shown that more than 30% of platform users misinterpret the badge, as if YouTube is endorsing the content of the channel that contains it.

For this reason, in addition to raising the criteria for obtaining the seal, channels that have already been checked, but that do not meet the new requirements, will no longer appear as verified.

From now on, YouTube will focus on checking out the channels that really need to attest to their authenticity. It is the case of artists, famous personalities, companies and organizations that, for being recognized, may have their names explored by other channels.

YouTube will also take into account whether the channel is recognized outside the platform, has a wide online presence and has a name similar to that used by other channels. As a result, the number of subscribers is not so important.

YouTube - verified

YouTube - verified artist

Apparently, YouTube will combine algorithmic analysis with human checking to determine whether a channel should be verified or not.

If positive, the channel name will be displayed with a gray background bar. The check and music icons (used to check artist channels) will no longer be shown because many publishers use the same symbols in their channel names to simulate the checkmark.

The changes take effect in October. Channels that will no longer be verified are already being notified about it and may challenge the decision.

This is not the only change that tends to displease youtubers: YouTube recently failed to show the exact number of subscribers on channels on the grounds of easing pressure on publishers for numbers.

With information: TechCrunch.

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