It will be easier to pair Bluetooth devices in Windows 10

Pairing Bluetooth devices will get a little easier and faster on computers with Windows 10. At least that’s what the Build 18985, which has just been released to participants of the Windows Insider program.

Called the Swift Pair, the fast pairing function has been in Windows 10 since the major system update released in April 2018. It works like this: if the feature is enabled and a compatible Bluetooth device (such as a mouse or keyboard) is detected , Windows 10 will ask you if you want to pair them.

Although it is more practical than if the entire procedure had to be performed manually, Swift Pair does not fully automate the process: if the user accepts the pairing, the functionality will open the settings window so that the device connection is completed there.

Windows 10 - Swift Pair

It will be different now. When the user accepts the parameter in the notification, the Swift Pair will immediately start the procedure, without the user having to go through the settings screen.

The enhancement also includes a button in the notification itself so that the user can quickly dispense with pairing if he does not want to do so. In addition, Windows 10 will more accurately describe the name and type of Bluetooth device that was detected, whenever possible.

For now, the functionality is available for half of insiders. The device must be compatible with the Swift Pair, however. Microsoft says that among its products, lines like Surface Ergonomic Keyboard, Surface Precision Mouse and Arc Mouse work with Swift Pair.

The tool for screenshots Capture and Sketch (Snip & Sketch) is another feature that is being improved. Among its new features is the option to quickly enlarge small screen shots.

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