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As usual, iFixit has already taken apart the new iPhones 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max to find out what’s inside them and how easy it is to fix Apple smartphones. The most expensive model is equipped with a 4G modem from Intel, has a more simplified opening procedure and… has an extra battery connector that we still don’t fully know what it is for.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max - iFixit

The iPhone 11 Pro Max had its interior shown in more detail. Inside, iFixit found many of the components we already knew: the Apple A13 Bionic processor with a third generation neural chip; a giant battery in an “L” shape with a capacity of 3,969 mAh, the largest ever found on an iPhone; and a lot of parts developed by Intel.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max - iFixit

But nobody expected the battery to have two connectors. One is to send and receive power to the rest of the cell phone. And the other?

IFixit believes that one of the possible functions is reverse wireless battery charging: it is connected directly to the induction coil. This may indicate that, at some point in the project, Apple considered a feature to carry an Apple Watch or the AirPods on the back of the iPhone, something very much mentioned in the rumors – but which ended up not being officially announced.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max - iFixit

a Apple support document explains that new iPhones have extra hardware to monitor battery status in real time and manage performance in a more advanced way than in previous models. This system can slow application loading, decrease screen brightness, or even reduce speaker volume. It was unclear whether the discovery of iFixit is related to the new power management.

In addition, the iPhone 11 Pro Max features a 4G modem from Intel. Apple bought the processor maker’s modems division for $ 1 billion, no longer relying on other companies, like Qualcomm, to keep its phones connected. Intel played an important role in the supply of modems for iPhones while Apple and Qualcomm fought a long legal dispute.

The cut model was equipped with 64 GB of flash memory from Toshiba and an LPDDR4X memory from SK Hynix which can have 4 GB of capacity; rumors indicated that the iPhone 11 Pro Max would have another 2 GB of RAM dedicated to the camera system, but iFixit was unable to find the extra module. And, of course, there are additional antennas on the device for the new Apple U1 chip.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max - iFixit

With less detail, the iPhone 11 it was also dismantled: the opening process is similar to that of the most expensive brother, but it has a rectangular battery and a capacity of 3,110 mAh; only two rear cameras (normal and ultra-angular); and, interestingly, a single battery connector. Despite this, Apple says the basic model also has such extra power management hardware.

In the repairability index, the iPhone 11 Pro Max won a respectable 6/10. IFixit notes that the windows on both the front and the rear increase the chance of breakage and did not like the proprietary screws as much, but praised the simplified battery replacement procedure and the fact that many components are accessible independently; in addition, screen replacement remains practical.

You can check the complete chop on here.

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