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The line iPhone 12 you may not bring EarPods headphones in the box. This is what the information found in the new test version of iOS 14.2 suggests, made available to developers on Tuesday (29). The expectation is that the successors of the iPhone 11 family will be revealed by Apple in the next month.

Possible successor to iPhone 11 (photo), iPhone 12 should not bring headphones in the box

Possible successor to iPhone 11 (photo), iPhone 12 should not bring headphones in the box

The new leads were found by MacRumors this Tuesday (29) in the information about the exposure to radio frequency of iOS 14.2. Unlike previous versions of the system, which cited “the supplied headphones”, the new version only mentions “headphones”.

“To reduce exposure to radio frequency (RF) energy, use a speakerphone option, such as the built-in speaker, headphones or other similar accessories ”, says the notice present in iOS 14.2 Beta 2 (emphasis added).

The finding echoes earlier rumors about removing the accessory. In May, Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that Apple would no longer include wired headsets in the box for its next phones. The expectation, at the time, was that the company would offer a promotion to acquire Apple AirPods in late 2020.

The rumors were rekindled the following month. Still according to the analyst, not only would the EarPods headphones be left out, but the chargers would also stop tracking the smartphones. In September, Apple stopped including the plug adapter in the boxes of the new Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6.

Such removals could make the final price of cell phones more expensive, if they keep the same prices as iPhone 11 and accessories. At the Apple Store in Brazil, the USB charger (5 W) costs R $ 149 while EarPods headphones cost R $ 249 with a 3.5 mm jack or Lightning. Check the values ​​in the Brazilian and North American stores:

Product Price in Brazil Price in the United States
iPhone 11 (64 GB) R $ 4,999 $ 699
EarPods with Lightning or 3.5mm connector R $ 249 $ 29
USB charger (5 watts) R $ 149 $ 19
Total R $ 5,397 US $ 747 (about R $ 4,210 in direct conversion)

* Values ​​consulted at the Apple Store in Brazil and the USA on September 30, 2020

It is worth remembering that the Apple Watch, iPad and Apple accessories became more expensive in Brazil in September 2020.

Possible iPhone 12 Pro Max (Photo: Playback / EverythingApplePro)

Possible iPhone 12 Pro Max (Photo: Playback / EverythingApplePro)

iPhone 12: what to expect?

Apple is expected to introduce four new phones in 2020, including the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The phones are expected to bring features of the new iPad Air, such as the straight-sided look and the Apple A14 processor. In addition, the reinforced Lightning cable is another bet for the quartet.

At the end of July 2020, an Apple executive said that the successors of the iPhone 11 would be delayed by “a few weeks”. The phones are expected to be announced on October 13, according to behind-the-scenes information revealed at the end of September 2020.

With information: 9to5Mac and MacRumors

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