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IOS 13 launched on September 19 and is already present on most compatible iPhones, according to Apple. The mark was reached on Wednesday (15), that is, 26 days after the launch of the new version of the operating system.

iOS 13

Despite the speed, iOS 13 took longer than its predecessor to reach 50% of users. IOS 12 registered the same index in 23 days and, according to Apple, still appears in 41% of iPhone units. The older versions are 9% of the devices.

Apple raises the data from the use of the App Store and also indicates that, among the iPhones launched in the last four years, 55% have iOS 13. Another 38% are using iOS 12, while 7% still have versions of the system.

The company also released iPadOS adoption data. Launched five days after iOS 13, the system is in 33% of iPad compatible units. IOS 12 is still dominant and is on 51% of Apple tablets. Older versions are on 16% of devices.

Among the iPads launched in the last four years, the share of iPadOS rises to 41%. IOS 12 maintains the 51% share while previous versions appear on only 8% of devices.

Once again, Apple has shown itself to be far ahead of Google when it comes to adopting new versions of an operating system. Android has stopped releasing adoption data in its developer page.

Still, the latest update indicates how slow the system update is. In May 2019, nine months after launch, Android 9 Pie was on just 10.4% of cell phones. In the same period, Android 6.0 Marshmallow was the most used, in 16.9% of devices.

With information: Apple, The Verge, Engadget.

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