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THE Apple fixed a bug that made the iPhone 11 screen greenish. The Cupertino company released an update (iOS 13.6.1) yesterday (12) to finally solve the problem that was reported in these three models: iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The first reports about the bug appeared at the beginning of June.

O iOS 13.6.1 it doesn’t bring so many significant news, but it comes with changes to improvements, including the end of the greenish screen: “it corrects a thermal management problem that caused the appearance of green color on some screens,” explains the company.

Apple iPhone 11

The other two changes are: “[a atualização resolve] an issue where unnecessary system data files may not be automatically deleted when there is little space available for storage ”and“[corrige] an issue where Exposure Notifications could be disabled for some users ”.

Initially, it was unclear whether the green screen error was related to a hardware or software failure on smartphones. At the time, when complaints surfaced on the internet, iPhone owners said it all started after the release of iOS 13.4. Apple did not comment on the matter.

Failure leaves iPhone 11 greenish after unlocking (Photo: Playback / MacRumors)

According to users, the bug appeared in specific moments for a few seconds: when unlocking the device with the dark mode activated, as well as when the Night Shift was activated. The reduced brightness of the screen also contributed to the appearance of green.

Although the focus was on the latest Apple models, there are reports that the bug appeared on the iPhone X and iPhone XS. Finally, after a few months, apparently the problem is solved, now just update the system.

With information: iMore and Apple.

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