iOS 13.1 slows down some wireless chargers on iPhone 11 | Cell phone

O iOS 13.1fixed flaws and brought features that didn’t come in time for iOS 13, but it also came with some controversial news, like a warning for users who install non-original screens and the performance limiter for iPhones with a worn battery. Now, they’ve discovered another change: some wireless chargers have been slower after the upgrade.

iPhone 11

Who noticed the change was the ChargerLab, which began examining the iPhone 11’s wireless charging performance on September 24 – the same day that Apple released iOS 13.1. Running iOS 13.0, the iPhone 11 was able to receive the maximum power of 7.5 watts for at least 1 hour and 40 minutes, an excellent performance when compared to the iPhone X, which lasted only 20 minutes in this state.

However, the situation got worse with the installation of iOS 13.1. After the update, the peak power in the wireless recharge no longer reached the 7 watt mark on the same device and the same charger. With that, the charging time by induction from zero to 100%, which was 3h19min on the iPhone 11 with iOS 13.0, went to 4h00min.

iPhone 11 / wireless charging

The initial recharging phase, which is faster than the final one for lithium-ion batteries, suffered more from the update. In 30 minutes, a fast wireless charger filled 19% of the iPhone 11’s battery, but only 14% with iOS 13.1. In an hour, enough to raise the battery to 40% in the old version, the iPhone 11 only managed to reach 28%.

According to ChargerLab, the change did not affect wireless chargers sold in the Apple Store from brands such as Belkin, Mophie, Native Union, Anker and Logitech, but “several wireless chargers that support Apple’s 7.5 W recharge can now only charge the iPhone 11 with iOS 13.1 at 5 W ”. There is no easy way to find out which accessories have lost support – iOS 13.1 is only releasing fast charging on models that support fixed frequency voltage adjustment.

If your wireless charger seems even slower than normal, you are not alone.

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