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O Internet Archive added about 2 thousand games to the online title archive for MS-DOS that run directly from the web browser: there are options like Amazing Spider-Man, The Lion King, Pac Man, The Simpsons and Star Trek Pinball. They work on Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and others without a plugin or additional installation.

Spider-man in MS-DOS

The catalog has added 1,925 games for MS-DOS since the beginning of October, resulting in a total of 6,900 items. Jason Scott wrotes about on the Internet Archive blog that they never received as many games as they do now, “ranging from small independent and recent productions to large releases forgotten decades ago”.

These games work directly from the browser thanks to the eXoDOS project, which brings together thousands of old titles and uses a combination of Dosbox and ScummVM to run them on modern systems.

It is worth remembering that the Internet Archive has also been offering other MS-DOS games for years, Prince of Persia, Wolfenstein 3D, SimCity, Aladdin and Donkey Kongcheck the complete list here.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive warns of games emulated in the browser

Scott from the Internet Archive recalls that the experience may vary. For example, some games rely on the Fn function keys, but when you press them, Windows will respond, not the browser. I came across a “press F1 to start”, only that opens the system help.

Sometimes the emulation is slower than it should be. At other times, there are flaws that do not allow you to play a specific title – it is the case of Microsoft Flight Simulator, one of the recent additions.

Some games have protection against piracy, in case The Simpsons – Bart vs. the Space Mutants: You need to type a word from a specific page in the manual, which the Internet Archive does not offer. And if the game is more recent, distributed on a CD-ROM, it will be necessary to download up to 700 MB to test it in the browser.

Still, most games work well in the browser, so it’s worth taking a look at the catalog. There are two Simpsons games made by Konami, for example, in addition to This world is a Colossus 4 with characters from Colosso TV, a children’s program shown by Rede Globo in the 90s.

Colosso TV

The list of all recent additions to the Internet Archive is available at this link. We have put together some of the games that worked well in our quick test. Did you find any more?

With information: Boing Boing.

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