Intel to launch dedicated GPU Xe-HPG for games in 2021 | Computer

When it comes to gaming GPU, we only remember two names: Nvidia and AMD. But, as you may already know, the Intel has been preparing to enter the video card market once and for all. You just need to be a little more patient: GPUs Intel Xe-HPG high-performance games will not arrive until 2021.

Intel DG1 Xe

If we take into account that Intel has big plans for this segment, the new term is not that frustrating. Basically, the company directed its graphic architecture to four very specific projects:

  • Intel Xe-LP: Integrated GPU for low consumption notebooks;
  • Intel Xe-HP: high performance architecture for datacenters;
  • Intel Xe-HPC: high performance architecture for supercomputing;
  • Intel Xe-HPG: Dedicated GPU aimed at the gamer segment.

There is also a video card named Intel DG1 that has Xe-LP as a base, but that will help developers to test software, drivers and the like.

What interests us most is the Xe-HPG (High Performance Gaming) project. This GPU was confirmed this Thursday (13th), in the wake of the Intel Architecture Day 2020 event. We are essentially talking about a video card that combines the main characteristics of the LP, HP and HPC architectures to offer high performance in games.

Intel Xe

Intel Xe

Details are still scarce, but Intel has revealed that Xe-HPG will support ray tracing and be based on GDDR6 memories. The board is already in development, but its production should be outsourced: probably, TSMC will take over this work.

If this project will be able to cope with the performance of the Nvidia RTX and AMD Radeon GPUs, we will have to wait and see: the only concrete information is that Xe-HPG will arrive in 2021, but Intel has not provided an exact date for launch.

This does not mean that there will be no news in 2020. The company confirmed the announcement of the processors Tiger Lake (aimed at notebooks) for the beginning of September this year. Among other novelties, this line will feature a 10-nanometer manufacturing process and will be the first to have integrated Xe-LP graphics.

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