Intel recalls Xeon processor because standard cooler is insufficient

This was not a good week for Intel. The company was accused of not fully correcting flaws related to its processors and, in addition, it had to open a recall process for one of its server chips, the Xeon E-2274G. The reason, however, is quite unusual: the cooler that came with the product would not be enough to cool it.

Intel Xeon E

Announced in the second half of the year, the Xeon E-2274G is a 4 GHz quad-core processor (4.9 GHz in boost). The chip also has 14 nanometer lithography, 8 MB of cache and 83 W TDP. Based on this last parameter, it is assumed that the model does not heat up outside normal standards.

Intel informs in its statement, however, that DHA-A (or E97378-003), as the cooler that accompanies the Xeon E-2274G is identified, “does not meet the thermal performance requirements”, that is, it does not cool the processor as it should.

A detail that makes the recall curious – and, consequently, ends up asking us if there is no other reason for the procedure – is the fact that the DHA-A cooler has been used by Intel in processors up to 84 W since 2013.

Intel announcement for Xeon E-2274G recall

In any case, Intel has instructed distributors to return the Xeon E-2274G boxes that are in stock and exchange them for units that do not come with the cooler.

Intel has not said whether it intends to relaunch the boxes with a more efficient cooler, but the Xeon E-2274G itself is expected to remain on the market, with the counterpart that manufacturers who build computers with this processor must use third-party cooling systems.

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