Intel Comet Lake are the new models of the 10th generation of Core chips

The tenth generation of Core processors is not limited to the Ice Lake chips that the Intel presented at the beginning of the month. The company chose this Wednesday (21) to announce another part of the family: processors Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 Comet Lake U and Y series.

Tenth generation Intel Core

The Ice Lake chips mark Intel’s arrival in the 10-nanometer segment. This leads us to think that, from now on, Intel will retire 14 nanometer technology, right? But it is not quite like that: as some rumors have anticipated, the Comet Lake models bring an even more optimized version of this lithography.

In addition to another refresh of the 14 nanometer technology, this batch of Comet Lake models is characterized by chips with up to six cores and 12 threads, maximum frequency of 4.9 GHz, up to 12 MB of cache, integrated GPU UHD Graphics and TDP of up to 25 W.

Other than that, the new Intel processors support DDR4 memories up to 2,666 MHz, LPDDR3 up to 2,133 MHz and LPODDR4x up to 2,933 MHz in the U series. The Y series supports LPDDR3 chips up to 2,133 MHz.

Intel Comet Lake

Like 10-nanometer Ice Lake processors, Comet Lake chips are mainly aimed at ultrabooks and convertible laptops, but have more emphasis on productivity and professional activities (while Ice Lake is more suitable for studies, videos and casual games, for example ). This suggests that these processors should cover a wider range of computers, including equipment for corporate use.

We are talking about eight models:

U Series Cores / Threads Clock (GHz) Cache (MB) Graphics (EUs) Max clock graphics (GHz) TDP
Core i7-10710U 6/12 1.1 / max 4.7 12 UHD (24) 1.15 15-25 W
Core i7-10510U 4/8 1.8 / max. 4.9 8 UHD (24) 1.15 15-25 W
Core i5-10210U 4/8 1.6 / max. 4.2 6 UHD (24) 1.1 15-25 W
Core i3-10110U 2/4 2.1 / max. 4.1 4 UHD (23) 1 15-25 W
Y Series Cores / Threads Clock (GHz) Cache (MB) Graphics (EUs) Max clock graphics (GHz) TDP
Core i7-10510Y 4/8 1.2 / max. 4.5 8 UHD (24) 1.15 4.5-9 W
Core i5-10310Y 4/8 1.1 / max 4.1 6 UHD (24) 1.05 5.5-9 W
Core i5-10210Y 4/8 1 / max. 4 6 UHD (24) 1.05 4.5-9 W
Core i3-10110Y 2/4 1 / max. 4 4 UHD (24) 1 5.5-9 W

In common with Ice Lake models, Comet Lake chips support up to four Thunderbolt 3 ports, a connection standard that allows data transfer rates of up to 40 Gb / s (gigabits per second), and Wi-Fi 6 ( Wi-Fi 802.11ax), successor to Wi-Fi 802.11ac (now called Wi-Fi 5).

PCI Express 4.0? It wasn’t this time: PCIe 3.0 continues to reign supreme here.

Intel says that, compared to previous generations, the Comet Lake U and Y series processors perform up to 41% higher in running Office 365. This gain is 16% when considering overall performance.

The first computers based on the new processors will be launched by the end of the year by brands such as Lenovo, Asus and Dell. Among them will be models compatible with the Athena Project, a program that aims to bring to the market a category of laptops as or more advanced than that of ultrabooks.

There are no comments from Intel, but rumors indicate that Comet Lake-S architecture processors, targeted at desktops, will be announced in the first or second quarter of 2020. It is said that these chips will have up to ten cores, 125 W TDP and a new socket.

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