Instagram will facilitate blocking of apps that access your account

Facebook has been promoting some changes in the Instagram to make the service a little bit safer. It started with the function that allows the user to check if an email on behalf of the platform is legitimate. Now, functionality is being added to let you know precisely which third-party apps have access to your account.

The new function can be accessed easily. Both on Instagram for Android and on the iPhone version, just access the menu settings, go on Safety and touch the option Apps and sites at the bottom of the menu.

Blocking apps on Instagram

There will be listed the active applications that access your account and those that have had their access authorization expired. You can deauthorize any of them quickly. That’s Instagram’s intention: to give the user more control over external services connected to their account.

Among the third-party apps that can connect to Instagram are those that facilitate the printing of published photos or that allow the user to publish content with certain effects.

In a complementary way, Instagram will also start to display, on the authorization screen, which information the external application requests access to. It will be possible to deny authorization on the spot, if applicable.

Blocking apps on Instagram

Control over external applications has already begun to be released. If your account does not yet have this function, you may need to be a little patient: Instagram reports that the feature is gradually being made available and it may take up to six months to reach all accounts.

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