Instagram tests Threads, a messaging app for best friends | Applications and Software

Instagram seems to be willing to have a separate messaging-focused app again. According to The Verge, the platform is working on Threads, an app for users to chat and share their status with those on the best friends list.

Threads, Instagram messaging app (Photo: The Verge)

Threads, Instagram messaging app (Photo: The Verge)

The status update in Threads can be done manually or automatically, using cell phone sensors. For this, the application uses information such as speed, movement, location and battery time and sets the status in options such as Free, Busy, Bored and Outgoing.

In addition to the status, the data collected by the sensors can be shared with others. In tests within Facebook, the app does not reveal the location in real time and, for now, it only indicates that the user is “on the move”.

Threads works like a common messaging application and can access the phone’s camera to share photos and videos. It can also be used to watch the stories that best friends have posted on Instagram.

The creation of a new messaging app for the social network draws attention after Direct, an app with a similar proposal, ended in May. It was released in 2017 for iOS and Android, but was not available in Brazil.

Threads appears to be a new take on the line of the March announcement by Mark Zuckerberg. At the time, the executive said that private messages, stories and groups with few users would be the future of his company.

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