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While the Trump administration threatens to ban TikTok from the United States, Facebook races to offer features that compete with the social network of short videos. In a recent Instagram update, Zuckerberg’s company replaced the app’s search button with the “Reels” icon, a feature that is a kind of TikTok clone.

Instagram Reels

The novelty is another Facebook action aimed at promoting the function launched to face the Chinese social network in 50 countries. Currently, Instagram Reels is located within the app’s “Explore” tab, but the prominent position on the Instagram home screen reinforces the tool’s expansion plans.

The new icon was noticed in several countries, and appeared on both Android and iOS, but is not yet available to all users. With the change in layout, the magnifying glass icon (“Explore”) moves to the top of the screen, next to the application’s direct message button.

instagram reels

New placement of Instagram icons on the home screen. (Reproduction / @ AJ_Malaka)

It should be noted that, in the last week, Facebook started testing the short videos also in its main application, in India. There, the ban on TikTok positively impacted the services of the American company – the growth in engagement was over 25%.

Other companies have also launched services similar to TikTok. An example is YouTube, which in June released its own tool for creating and sharing videos with up to 15 seconds.

With information: Android Police

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