Instagram tests stories that are sent to groups of followers | Applications and Software

Researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who has already discovered a plethora of internal Instagram tests, has found one more and it is a new resource for stories: stories in specific groups. The idea is to deliver the non-perennial content of the social network to a smaller social circle than everyone who follows the account.

instagram group stories quiz

The novelty appears as an extra option when deciding who goes the stories made on Instagram, which can be public and for all their followers, or for the list of best friends, or for a specific group of people. This looks a lot like “best friends”, only with more control over who is there and it can be great for content creators to separate “premium” followers from ordinary followers, with “premium” levels per group.

Leaving aside the “make money from followers” ​​factor, the tool can also help when it comes to establishing a message for just a few people. Or, diversify the type of content for specific groups. The feature found may or may not be officially launched, and initial testing takes place with a small number of users.

With information: Twitter.

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