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Instagram was successful in launching Stories in 2016, basically a copy of Snapchat. Now, with an eye on Chinese TikTok, the social network has started testing Cenas, a resource for users to create short videos with various editing tools.

For now available only in Brazil, Cenas appears in Stories alongside items like Boomerang and Ao Vivo. Just like in TikTok, the resource serves to create more elaborate dance clips, musical voiceovers, humor, among others.

It allows you to create videos of up to 15 seconds using music available on Instagram or meme audios from the platform. It is possible to adjust the speed of the video and combine different parts to arrive at a complete scene.

At the end of the edition, the scene can be published for all followers in Stories, for those on the best friends list or for specific friends through Direct. If the video is public, it may appear in the Explore tab in a section with scenes that went viral.

And, if the author wishes, the scene can last forever, and not just for 24 hours. To do this, just save the scene as a highlight on your profile.

Facebook, owner of Instagram, has been working on a competitor for TikTok for some time. The company started testing in Mexico an independent app called Lasso, but the difficulty of creating a significant user base seems to have led to the decision to create a feature on Instagram.

Available for Android and iOS, Cenas does not seem to be tested in Brazil for nothing. The country is one of the largest Instagram markets and has not yet adopted TikTok widely. If the new resource has a good response here, it will have a green light to be taken to other countries and may still prevent the growth of the competitor among Brazilians.

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With information: TechCrunch, Variety, The Verge.

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