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O Instagram Stories is gaining a new camera experience called Create: it allows you to enter text, countdowns, polls and questions without needing a photo or video. In addition, you can use GIFs as animated backgrounds and receive suggestions from old posts to republish as #tbt (Throwback Thursday).

Instagram Stories Create

The Create feature is being released to all Instagram users on iPhone and Android. It is inside the Stories camera, next to the “Normal” mode, and replaces the old “Text” mode.

The first option of Create is the mode Text, in which you can write anything you want without posting a photo. Next comes the GIF, which allows you to put a Giphy animation as a background and then write something or put a sticker.

We have the Countdown in the hourglass icon: when you tap the data button at the top, you will receive Instagram suggestions like “closing the store in…” and “partou finde in…”.

There is the test to show two options, of which only one is true; Survey, to ask the opinion of your followers with yes / no answers; and Question, which allows you to send free responses. Here, you’ll also find the data button for suggestions on what to post, such as “guess my favorite show” or “what song should I listen to?”.

Instagram Stories has #tbt feature called This Day

Instagram Stories Create

In addition, the Create mode incorporates an option In this day which brings suggestions of stories and feed posts for you to republish: keep tapping the data button at the top, until you find a souvenir worth reposting. The icon will only appear if you had any activity on the same day in the previous year.

It is worth noting that Instagram Stories already had a feature called Souvenirs that also served as #tbt; however, it is hidden in the application. To access it, it is necessary to go to your profile, touch the menu icon (three lines), then the history icon (Archived items) and choose the story that will be reposted.

An Instagram spokesperson explains to the TechCrunch that the Create mode “helps to combine interactive stickers, drawings and text without the need for a photo or video to share… This Day suggests memories and allows you to share them via Direct and Stories”.

With information: TechCrunch.

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