Instagram starts allowing users to report fake news | Cell phone

Instagram is adding a tool for users to report information like fake news in a photo or video on the timeline. Depending on the number of alerts, the content will be sent for internal analysis and may be unavailable on the social network that belongs to Facebook.

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The complaint will be on a list of others that already exist, where the post can be identified with content of hate speech, harassment, sale or incentive to use firearms, violence or threat and even copyright or trademark violation. If the accusation is confirmed by the fact-checking team, the photo or video will no longer appear to people and they cannot be found in the search.

In April this year Instagram had already announced some measures to combat this type of problem, along with posts with adult content or that exhibit some type of violence. All with the help of machine learning, to find these posts automatically.

The change is that now the user can also participate in the complaint, which does not eliminate the automatic form of detection. An Instagram representative, Stephanie Otway, also said that the notification sent manually can be used to train artificial intelligence.

This training step can be dangerous. Microsoft even created a robot called Tay to interact with people on social networks, which soon learned to utter hateful words and became racist, homophobic and with Nazi phrases.

The novelty on Instagram against fake news begins to appear to users from today (16) and will be delivered in waves. It’s not here yet.

With information: Mashable.

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