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It’s over: the Instagramcompletely removed the Following tab from its iPhone and Android applications. The section allowed you to see what your friends were enjoying and commenting on, in addition to the accounts they followed – it was basically a built-in feature to stalk your contacts. Now, the section Activity it only shows information like likes in your photos and likes in your comments.


Until a few days ago, Instagram said in the Following tab: “To focus on our most used resources, we are removing the Follow-up activity tab. Update your application to see the new Activity tab ”.

If you visit the app right now, you will probably see that this section has been removed: now there is only a list of who liked your photos and comments, who followed you, and more. These are actions related to your content, not the accounts of others.

The change is already taking place in the iPhone and Android apps:


Instagram: most users did not use the Following tab

The Following tab was created so that users could discover interesting profiles, something that occurs more today in the Explore section. Vishal Shah, head of product for Instagram, tells the BuzzFeed News that this tab was not used often – most users didn’t even know it existed.

Worse: for some who discovered the existence of the Following tab, this was an unwanted surprise. “People did not always know that their activities were being shown to others,” says the executive.

The Following tab could be used to discover celebrity activity on Instagram: which photos they liked, which posts left comments, and which accounts they followed. The same was true for ordinary people, friends and boyfriends stalkers.

Therefore, not everyone accepted the removal of this feature: “I want Instagram to bring back the Following tab as soon as possible !!”, says a petition on He has about 300 signatures at the moment.

Petition for Instagram

With information: Android Police.

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