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Creating fake accounts is not the only problem that Instagram needs to deal with. The social network has registered for a few months a false engagement scheme in Stories to generate more followers for certain profiles.

Instagram promises to prevent fake engagement scheme in Stories

According to the TechCrunch, the scheme is based on watching the Stories of strangers in an attempt to create interest and attract followers. The practice was confirmed by Instagram, which claims to be working to prevent it from happening.

The accounts that adopt the scheme appear to be genuine – some are from real artists with thousands of followers. However, the practice involves inauthentic activity, something prohibited by Instagram.

Apparently, as with other similar schemes, Stories are being played automatically and are not, in fact, being watched. This situation does not please advertisers, who pay Instagram to show their messages to real users.

The platform says that, in the coming months, it will take measures to limit inauthentic activities involving likes, followers, comments and, of course, Stories. It is not yet clear, however, what will actually be done.

In November 2018, the social network started removing likes, followers and fake comments from accounts that used third-party services to inflate engagement. They were mainly used by influencers interested in having better numbers to get sponsorships.

Instagram says the action depended on machine learning. Now, something similar should be adopted to prevent false views in Stories. Until the measure is implemented, making the profile private will be the only way to prevent third parties from watching your Stories to gain followers.

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