Instagram pays premium for those who discover apps that abuse user data | Internet

O Facebook on Monday (19) it expanded the Data Abuse Hunt Program, which identifies applications that collect data from users and pass it on improperly to third parties. The program, which paid rewards of up to $ 40,000 for discoveries of malicious services on Facebook, also becomes valid for Instagram.

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This is an evolution of the rewards program that Facebook announced in April 2018, following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. At the time, 87 million people who took a personality test had their data misused by an analytics company for business purposes, with Donald Trump, then a candidate for the presidency of the United States, his main customer.

Applications with more than 10,000 users are eligible to report; that are not yet known or investigated by Facebook; and that access and store user data. O Engadget notes that any application that requests the Instagram username and password can be reported; before, it was necessary to prove that a third party was abusing.

If the complaint is accepted, Facebook will take actions such as “deleting the application from our platform; initiation of a forensic audit of related systems; and legal measures against the company and relevant third parties ”. Investigations can take anywhere from three to six months, according to Facebook. There is no set maximum amount for rewards, but the company has already paid $ 40,000 for high-impact abuses.

You can report a case of data abuse on this Facebook page. It is necessary to inform the name of the application, the number of users affected and what types of data are being collected.

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