Instagram has instability and does not load Stories this Friday (8) | Applications and Software

Users Instagram are having trouble using the social network: you can’t post Stories because the app crashes and closes; the list of Stories appears blank, or does not update with the most recent publications; and videos don’t play. Facebook and WhatsApp seem to be working normally, however.

instagram night mode

The Instagram page on DownDetector has been accumulating more complaints than usual since 11 am (Brasília time). “My stories don’t update, I can’t see recent stories, every time I update the feed it only shows the old stories”, complains one user. “The stories section is empty, so I can’t see anyone’s stories at the top,” explains another.

Some users see only the option to publish stories at the top of the application; however, when they try to do that, Instagram crashes and closes.



DownDetector has been receiving complaints about Instagram from people in Brazil, USA, Europe, Malaysia and Indonesia. Meanwhile, Facebook and WhatsApp appear to be functioning normally worldwide.

Instagram Stories has 500 million daily users

Instagram Stories is accessed every day for 500 million users, as Facebook revealed in January this year. This is one of the areas that makes money from ads for the company, as well as the feed and the Explore tab.

Facebook has been adapting as its users migrate to Instagram. The company has 2.1 billion daily users in its family of applications, which includes Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp itself.

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