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Instagram has started releasing night mode for iPhone users running iOS 13 and some in the Android world. Unlike some applications, the social network that Mark Zuckerberg bought does not offer a manual adjustment to change the display mode, but respects the decision that was made in the settings of the operating system itself.

instagram dark mode

With the novelty, Instagram exchanges the white background for black and inverts the text color. The change even goes to the settings area, where all texts are white and the background is black. In some places the background is very dark gray, as in the application name area and when the page of any profile is opened.

So far all users with iOS 13 can have eye relief on the interface, while on Android the situation is still uncertain. Some users claim that the app requires Android 10 to respect the night mode setting, others have found the dark interface on Android 9 even, but on specific brands like Samsung, Xiaomi and Asus.

instagram tb ladinho

Anyway, Instagram found the dark side of the Force and realized that we do have cookies.

With information: Engadget and The Next Web.

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