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Since July, the Instagram for iPhone and Android hides the number of likes for those who access the application in Brazil. Now, this is being taken worldwide: the test will be carried out with a small percentage of users in each country. The social network promises, however, to offer a way for influencers to inform likes and engagement to advertisers.

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Instagram started hiding likes in April in Canada; so this was taken in July to Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The social network has promised to expand testing to the US, but has now decided to do so in all countries in which it operates.

Users around the world, including Brazil, are seeing the following message:

We’re testing changes to how you see likes

We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts receive. During this test, only you will be able to see the total number of likes on your publications.


Instagram will have tools for influencers

The tests will be done with a small percentage of users in each country. According to Instagram, the feedback from the experiment has been positive, but it is only possible to implement such a big change in the application gradually.

For example, the social network knows that the number of likes is important for influencers, and has been looking for ways to communicate the value of an account to advertisers. O TechCrunch speculates that this could be done through private URLs or APIs. It is worth remembering that the web version of Instagram still displays the amount of likes.

a study by HypeAuditor shows that, without the number of likes, the number of likes plummeted 28% in Brazil between accounts with 100 thousand and 1 million followers. In the case of “microinfluencers”, with 5,000 to 20,000 followers, this engagement fell by an average of 15%.

This should not dissuade Instagram from hiding likes, and could make giving the feed an experience closer to Stories – which have never had likes, just viewers. Facebook has been doing a similar experiment in Australia since September.

Number of likes dropped 28% in Brazil in accounts with 100 thousand and 1 million followers:

1609576920 882 Instagram expands test of hiding likes to the whole world

In accounts with 5,000 to 20,000 followers, the number of likes decreased by 15% in Brazil:

1609576920 137 Instagram expands test of hiding likes to the whole world

With information: TechCrunch.

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