Instagram displays Stories on two lines for more users

O Instagram seeks a new formula to display stories on the social network via cell phone. As reported by some Instagram Stories users on Twitter in the past few days, ephemeral content is being presented in two lines on the Android app’s home page, instead of one. The change is not available to everyone.

Instagram displays Stories in two lines (Photo: @ MattNavarra / Twitter)

Instagram displays Stories in two lines (Photo: @ MattNavarra / Twitter)

The first reports about the novelty began to appear at the end of May 2020. According to screenshots presented on Twitter, the social network intends to expand the area intended for Instagram Stories, not limited to just one line at the top of the page main application, as is currently done.

This is the case with Matt Navarra. In a Twitter post by the @MattNavarra profile, the consultant reported the change in the display of stories on Instagram for Android on May 28, which features six publications divided into two lines and three columns.

The changes are also available for some Brazilian users, with the Android application interface in Portuguese and English. The reports, however, are accompanied by complaints due to the space occupied on the screen.

Apparently, the tests are being carried out only on the Android version of the application. There are no reports yet about changing Instagram Stories in the iPhone app (iOS).

There is no prediction of when the news will be available to all users of the social network.

With information: Matt Navarra (Twitter)

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