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Facebook announced this Wednesday (30) a huge integration between the Instagram Direct it’s the Messenger: This means that users of one application will be able to send messages to the other. In addition, it will be possible to reply to a specific message in the chat, change the background color and set time limits for viewing.

Instagram and Messenger

The Direct icon in the upper right corner of Instagram will be replaced by the Messenger icon. The interface remains basically the same, including your friends list, but it brings several new features.

You will be able to chat by text and make video calls with users from both platforms. You can reply to a specific message, forward and use emoji reactions on Instagram, just like Messenger. You can also change the colors of the chat with customizable gradients.

Instagram and Messenger will allow you to control who can send you messages: there are different settings for friends of Facebook friends, users with your mobile number, followers, etc. In addition, there are ways to report entire conversations and block contacts simultaneously in both apps.

Instagram and Messenger

“We are making these new features available on Instagram and Messenger in some countries around the world and we will expand them globally soon,” says Facebook in a statement.

The news was announced by Adam Mosseri, director of Instagram, and Stan Chudnovsky, vice president of Messenger. The integration between the two apps was confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg in 2019. The CEO also planned interoperability with WhatsApp, which has not yet occurred – end-to-end encryption creates some difficulties in this regard.

Instagram and Messenger integrate features

Instagram and Messenger

These are the features that will be on Instagram and Messenger:

  • emoji responses and reactions: reply to a specific message in chat, such as Messenger and WhatsApp, or use an emoji reaction
  • selfie stickers and animated effects: you can create boomerang stickers with your selfie to use in a conversation, or use animated message effects
  • forwarding: share messages with up to five friends or groups
  • temporary mode: you can configure messages to disappear after they are viewed or when you close the chat
  • chat colors: conversations can be personalized with color gradients
  • watch together: it will be possible to watch videos from Facebook Watch and IGTV during a video call with friends and relatives; there will also soon be an integration with Reels, a rival of TikTok
  • message controls: decide who can contact you directly, and who should make a message request
  • report and block: it is possible to report entire conversations or specific messages on Instagram when using the new Account Center; Instagram and Messenger will also give proactive blocking suggestions

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