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Amazon launched a service a few years ago called Amazon Key, allowing the delivery person to leave an order when unlocking the trunk of the car or the door of the house. Walmart, its main competitor in the USA, promises to go even further: InHome Delivery will take grocery shopping straight to the fridge, thanks to an employee monitored by a wearable camera.

It works like this: the customer orders their groceries online, selects the InHome Delivery and choose a specific day for delivery. Then, a Walmart employee will collect the purchased items, take them to the house and organize them in the refrigerator. Prices will be the same as the local store.

It will be possible to choose where the employee will enter – through the front door or the garage – and the smart device for which he has access. The customer will need an electronic lock that can be opened via Bluetooth, for example.

Employees will be trained and use camera, says Walmart

For added security, the employee will be equipped with a wearable camera. In this way, the customer will be able to see a live broadcast of the delivery process through the Walmart application.

The company promises that “your groceries will be delivered by a trained and appraised Walmart associate who has been in a local store for at least a year”. Employees will be trained “to enter customers’ homes with the same care and respect with which they would treat the home of a friend or relative”, in addition to organizing items more efficiently in the refrigerator.

InHome Delivery can be useful even for those who don’t want a stranger fiddling with the refrigerator: they accept returns for items purchased on the Walmart website. The customer leaves the product on the counter and the employee enters to pick it up, even if no one is at home.

This is a service that makes the most sense in the US, where many live in houses – instead of buildings with a concierge – and where there is a higher degree of trust between people. InHome Delivery will arrive in the fourth quarter for more than 1 million customers in three cities: Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Vero Beach (Florida). The prices of this delivery method will be revealed near the launch.

Walmart employees will use a wearable camera during delivery:

Customer can follow the live broadcast of delivery via mobile:

With information: Walmart, Engadget.

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