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IFood has released a lighter version of its app that runs on Android devices. With the objective of occupying less than 300 KB and consuming less data while browsing, the new app does not reach the user through the platform’s official app store, but as a web app installed through Chrome.

ifood webapp hero

The company claims that even with a smaller download size, closing at 280 KB against almost 60 MB of the full application, the user finds the same experience and almost the same features as the traditional version, such as placing orders, accessing account history, changing payment methods and address, find nearby restaurants, in addition to being able to track the delivery of the order placed. Even with the experience very close, I noticed that two features of the traditional app are missing: payment of restaurants by QR Code and the option to pick up the food, instead of delivery.

Light version of iFood (left) compared to the traditional app (right)

Light version of iFood (left) compared to the traditional app (right)

Instead of a conventional download via the Play Store, the app comes through Chrome and works as a web app, which is basically a page opening the iFood home, as if it were an application. To install this version of iFood on Android, the user needs to access the link ifood.com.br/pwa and tap the button to install.

In addition to the version for mobile devices, the website home that opens on computers is now very similar to what is delivered on smartphones.

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