Icon on iOS 13.2 beta shows AirPods with noise cancellation

THE Apple released this week the first beta version for developers of the iOS 13.2. In addition to new features for the operating system, this version brings clues to a novelty that may be released in the near future: the third generation of AirPods, is finally with noise cancellation.


The clues were discovered by Guilherme Rambo, from 9to5Mac. The main one is an icon found in the accessibility settings of iOS that refers to AirPods, but with a different design compared to the existing models today.

The icon suggests that the new AirPods will have tips typical of in-ear headphones (in ear) and shorter rods compared to the models already launched.

Noise-canceling AirPods icon

Guilherme Rambo also found mentions of what will probably be the main feature of the new gadgets: noise cancellation. Apparently, the user can activate and deactivate this feature in a function called “Focus Mode”.

Still regarding the icon, a detail that draws attention is that the design is very similar to images released last month that show what would be the housing of the new AirPods:

Supposed third generation AirPods

If we also take into account that rumors about noise-canceling AirPods have existed at least since last year, there is even a great possibility that these devices will become reality soon.

If the most recent rumors are right, noise-canceling AirPods will be announced by Apple in 2019, perhaps this month. They should not necessarily come to replace current second generation AirPods, but to be an (more expensive) alternative to them.

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