Huawei to build US $ 800 million factory in São Paulo | Brazil

While facing the trade restrictions imposed by the United States, the Huawei expands around the world. The Chinese company’s next big project is targeting Brazil: the company plans to build a factory in the state of São Paulo by 2022. The total investment is estimated at US $ 800 million.


O announcement was made this Friday (9) by the government of São Paulo. Governor João Dória (PSDB-SP) met today with Huawei executives – including Steven Shen, vice president of Huawei Brazil – in Shanghai to discuss the company’s investment prospects in Brazil and São Paulo.

The factory is part of Huawei’s plans to participate in the Brazilian 5G spectrum auction, scheduled for March 2020. “If there is an auction, Huawei will obviously be able, with a good result, to have the infrastructure ready and available on the market in March 2021, ”said Doria.

The plant is also expected to serve as a basis for the company to expand its operations throughout South America.

In the coming months, Huawei will define the city that will receive the factory. What is known, for now, is that the location chosen will be within the technological development pole of the government of the state of São Paulo. Factors such as labor availability, technical conditions and logistical circumstances will be taken into account when choosing.

João Doria and secretaries with Huawei representatives (Photo: Government of São Paulo)

João Doria and secretaries with Huawei representatives (Photo: Government of São Paulo)

In addition to the US $ 800 million allocated to the factory, Huawei will contribute to the Institute for Technological Research (IPT) and educational programs aimed at ETECs and FATECs.

Huawei already has a factory in São Paulo, precisely in the city of Sorocaba. According to the governor, this unit employs 2,000 direct and 15,000 indirect employees. There is still no estimate on how many jobs the new plant will generate.

In a note to the Tecnoblog, Huawei stated that it is considering installing a factory in São Paulo, but suggests that the project is still under study:

“Huawei has been in the country for 21 years, always present in Brazil’s digital transformation, from 2G to 4.5G. And now, in the 5G era, it will be no different. The company is excited about the opportunities in the Brazilian scenario and, as the smartphone operation develops in the local market, it considers installing a factory in São Paulo in the future. More details will be released in due course ”.

Updated at 14:48 to insert Huawei’s note.

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