Huawei reevaluates FedEx after packages diverted to US | Business

For this you did not expect: even a logistics company entered the middle of the war between Huawei and the American government. FedEx could end up losing a customer after packages shipped from Japan to a Huawei office in China were diverted. Do you know where the documents ended up? That’s right, in the United States.

FedEx Boxes (Photo: Disclosure / FedEx)

Huawei accuses FedEx of deflecting or attempting to deflect four packages. To the news agency Reuters, the Chinese company provided the tracking records and reported that the shipments contained only documents, not technologies. The routes were as follows:

  • Two packages sent from Tokyo, Japan on May 19 and 20 to Huawei in China ended up in Memphis, Tennessee, on May 23. Memphis is the city where FedEx is based.
  • Two packages sent from Hanoi, Vietnam, on May 17 to Huawei in Singapore and Hong Kong arrived at destination countries, but were held at local FedEx centers with “delivery exception” status. This status is displayed when something unexpected happens with the delivery, such as a holiday or delay at customs. FedEx did not explain what the problem was.

As the packages had origin and destination in Asian countries, it is at least strange that they arrive in the United States – not even on the flat Earth the Americans are in the middle of the route (I went to check it out). Therefore, Huawei spokesman Joe Kelly states that “we will have to review our logistics and document delivery requirements as a direct result of these incidents”.

Huawei also provided the news agency with a suspicious email that was reportedly sent on May 22 by a FedEx support representative in Vietnam. “Please note that FedEx Singapore has received notification from FedEx USA to withhold and return the package to the United States. Therefore, the shipment will not be delivered to the recipient and is now being stored at the FedEx center in the process of RTS (return to sender) ”, says the message.

FedEx reports that the diversion was an error and that it did not receive any requests to purposely change the route of Huawei’s shipments. It also says that “this is an isolated case and limited to a very small number of packages”. The Chinese FedEx subsidiary publicly apologized for the case and stressed that it had not been under external pressure to divert the documents.

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