Huawei receives new temporary license to operate in the US | Business

Even with U.S. government sanctions, Huawei may operate in the United States in some cases. The company received a license in August that was valid until November 19. The U.S. Department of Commerce has now granted a new license, valid until February 16, 2020.


The move was taken by U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and will give operators that use Huawei equipment on their mobile networks more time to replace the devices.

In a note, the Chinese manufacturer criticized the treatment of the American government. “The extension of the temporary general license will not have a substantial impact on Huawei’s business,” he said. “This decision does not change the fact that Huawei continues to be treated unfairly.”

The new license maintains the exceptions where the manufacturer is allowed to do business in the USA. In addition to maintenance and support for mobile networks, the company can maintain support for Android smartphones that were acquired until May 16, 2019.

The standard also allows the disclosure of security vulnerabilities in Huawei’s products, as well as the company’s participation in standardization bodies in the development of 5G, such as ITU, 3GPP and GSMA.

The U.S. government added Huawei to its list of companies banned in May due to accusations that its devices would help the Chinese government carry out espionage actions. The manufacturer denies the practice and says it would never take the risk of allowing espionage through its equipment.

Despite the restrictions, Huawei’s revenue grew 24.4% in the first three semesters of 2019. Between January and September, 185 million cell phones were sold, which represented an increase of 26% in relation to the same period in 2018.

With information: The Verge.

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