Huawei opens more kiosks and gives R $ 1,500 discount on the P30 Pro | Cell phone

After the controversy over US sanctions, the Huawei is strengthening its presence in Brazil: the manufacturer opens kiosks in shopping malls in Campinas, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília as of this Wednesday (7). It will give a discount of at least R $ 1,500 to the Huawei P30 Pro, and R $ 500 for the P30 Lite, by changing a used cell phone; this also applies to kiosks in São Paulo and physical stores at Fast Shop, Ponto Frio, Casas Bahia and Magazine Luiza.

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro

The Huawei kiosk in Campinas will open this Wednesday (7) at Parque Dom Pedro Shopping. On Thursday (8), it’s the turn of the Rio de Janeiro, at BarraShopping. And on Friday (9), the Chinese manufacturer will have a physical presence in Brasilia, at ParkShopping. It already has two kiosks in São Paulo since the beginning of July, at the Eldorado and Morumbi shopping malls.

Huawei P30 Pro and Lite have discount on cell phone exchange

In all these kiosks, the promotion #HUAWEISuperTroca: the Huawei P30 Pro receives a minimum discount of R $ 1.5 thousand if you take a used cell phone for exchange. In the case of the P30 Lite, the minimum discount is R $ 500.

The store will instantly evaluate the exchange value of the smartphone, and will add it to the fixed bonus. For example, if it is worth R $ 300, the discount on the P30 Pro will be R $ 1.8 thousand; in the case of the P30 Lite, it will be R $ 800. The old cell phone can be of any brand or model, including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and others; but must have been approved by Anatel.

The Huawei P30 Pro has a suggested price of R $ 5,499, while the P30 Lite costs R $ 2,499. Both have a two-year warranty in Brazil and access to the Premium VIP Service, with repair up to one hour in authorized assistance.

The promotion runs until August 11, 2019 (Father’s Day) and it is also valid in several stores of Fast Shop, Ponto Frio, Casas Bahia and Magazine Luiza. They are located in Brasília and in the states of SP and RJ; the complete list is in the regulation.

Kiosks also sell Active Noise Canceling Earphones with USB-C connector. The company says in a statement that it is studying the launch of other products; the Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 with retractable camera has already been approved by Anatel.

“We came to the country to stay,” says Marcelo Gentil, senior sales director for Huawei do Brasil, in the statement. “We look forward to sharing Huawei’s cutting-edge technologies with this audience in a closer way.”

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