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THE Huawei set a date to officially announce its next cell phones: the line Kill 30 will be unveiled on September 19 in Munich, Germany. Google warns, however, that these devices will not be able to come with Play Store, Play Services or other apps due to U.S. sanctions. Therefore, the manufacturer is considering delaying the launch of these smartphones outside China.

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro

The invitation mentions the term “Mate 30 Series”, that is, we will have more than one cell phone; last year; Huawei announced the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro. There is a circular shape highlighted, perhaps referring to the quad camera that would be in a circle at the rear, according to rumors. The devices must also have 5G connectivity and the new Kirin 990 processor.

Huawei’s announcement comes amid the US-China trade war. The company is on the list of entities prohibited from doing business with American companies, except in very specific cases (covered by the temporary 90-day license).

Therefore, Google has warned that Mate 30 will not be able to come pre-installed with its official apps. This includes the Play Store, which is not available for free: manufacturers pay a fee to license it.

Could it be installed on its own through Open GApps, useful for those who venture into a customized ROM? Probably not: the project website warns that you need permission to use the Play Store; usually, just buy a device that comes with the Google store pre-installed – and this won’t be the case with Mate 30.

In addition, installing GApps is a very difficult process for most users. This requires the bootloader to be unlocked first, and Huawei has stopped providing official codes to perform this process.

Huawei may postpone launch of Mate 30 outside China

According to South China Morning Post, Huawei plans to postpone the launch of Mate 30 outside of China to avoid having to sell it without Google services. The company usually launches new models of the Mate line in September in Europe, one of its most important markets.

Mate 30 will run Android without problems, since the system is open source – that is, it is not necessary to do business with an American company to use it. For now, it is not necessary to use HarmonyOS. “The open Android operating system and the ecosystem around it are still our first choice,” said a spokesman. SCMP.

The limitation is especially for the Play Store. Huawei does not have this obstacle within China: Google services are banned in the country, so the manufacturer can place another app store without alienating customers.

We will know the details on September 19: the Tecnoblog will bring all the news directly from Munich. Huawei will hold another event this Friday (6) during the IFA fair to make the Kirin 990 processor official.

With information: Mashable, South China Morning Post.

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