Huawei is developing alternative to Google Maps for 150 countries | Applications and Software

Huawei stated that it is already developing its own map system and the name of the service is Map Kit. The objective of this Google Maps competitor is not to function as an application that the end user will be able to use freely, but rather to deliver to developers a alternative to mapping data for your apps.


Another goal of the service is to provide an alternative for mapping on Huawei smartphones that are sold outside China, in response to a likely new blockade of the company from the trade war between the Donald Trump government and the Chinese side of the scale .

The Map Kit will cover the details of 150 countries and will be available in 40 different languages, it will also be fed with local traffic information in real time, in addition to being able to know if a vehicle has changed lanes on a road. Two major companies have already signed an agreement with Huawei to be included in the tool: and the Russian provider Yandex.

Switching to kids: if Google Maps can’t be used on Huawei smartphones as a base for apps that need details about the user’s location, how to check in at Swarm or information about a nearby hotel on, these data will be provided by the Map Kit.

Huawei recently showed the world HarmonyOS, an operating system that can also be used as an alternative to Android in the event of a new Trump block against the Chinese brand, making it impossible to use American companies on company devices that are sold in other countries.

Huawei is due to present the Map Kit to the world in October this year.

With information: The Next Web and China Daily.

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