Huawei confirms investment of US $ 800 million in São Paulo | Brazil

In a note issued last Saturday (10), Huawei confirmed plans to invest US $ 800 million in São Paulo over the next three years (starting in 2020). The information had been given a day earlier by the government of São Paulo, but it raised doubts after reporting by Exam affirm that the project was not certain.

According to announcement by the government of São Paulo, the US $ 800 million will be directed mainly to the installation of a factory in the state. The note also says that Huawei will define the city that will receive the unit in the coming months. Factors such as labor availability, technical conditions and logistical circumstances will be taken into account when choosing.


Questioned by Tecnoblog, Huawei confirmed the idea of ​​installing a factory in São Paulo, but hinted that the matter is still under study:

“Huawei has been in the country for 21 years, always present in Brazil’s digital transformation, from 2G to 4.5G. And now, in the 5G era, it will be no different. The company is excited about the opportunities in the Brazilian scenario and, as the smartphone operation develops in the local market, it considers installing a factory in São Paulo in the future. More details will be released in due course ”.

In a short note issued on Saturday, Huawei does not mention the factory, but confirms the investment in the state of São Paulo:

Huawei confirms 800 million dollars of financial contribution to São Paulo. The contribution will be made from 2020 to 2022 in São Paulo.

The government of São Paulo reported that, in addition to the factory, the agreement with Huawei provides for the company’s collaboration with other initiatives, including educational programs in the state.

The negotiations with Huawei are part of a trip by Governor João Doria (PSDB-SP) to China. Among the other closed agreements is a partnership with Innoway, incubator of the Beijing city hall, to exchange experiences and training among startups.

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