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HP is adding a thin layer of wood to the company’s four notebook models, which are the Envy 13, 17, x360 13, x360 15 and which are now in a series called Envy Wood. The computers use this type of finish in the armrest, have a touchpad area with the same material and have received improvements in the driver.

HP launches Envy Wood line which adds wood details to

Recently, a year ago, HP experimented with leather on one of its notebooks, the Specter Folio. Some competing companies also rely on this type of material as an adornment for a more premium product, but now wood can be a good alternative – especially for users who are vegetarian, vegan or who are not comfortable with genuine leather.

The wooden finish is present in lighter, darker versions and just like what happens with leather that is not synthetic, each computer will have a different wood pattern than the other – with different scratches and designs.

HP launches Envy Wood line which adds wood details to

Even with an air of refinement, the wood is restricted to the support of the arms and touchpad, leaving the rest of the body with another material that does not have the same visual appeal. Inside, PCs offer options between the second generation of Ryzen processors for handheld devices, or a “latest generation” Intel Core processor – without specifying which generation it is, but I guess it is the ninth.

The touchpad, in addition to the visual, received a new driver and is now controlled by Microsoft Precision, which is in basically any other notebook on the market. This new controller solves many of the company’s chronic laptop problems, mainly with the rejection of the user’s palm.

All models come with Alexa assistant installed by default, but none of them received an official price. The launch should happen during the spring of this year.

With information: The Verge and Engadget.

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