House Commission rejects limit for Uber, 99 and Cabify fee | Legislation

The Chamber of Deputies’ Committee on Traffic and Transportation rejected the bill that sets a limit on the fee charged by companies such as Uber, 99 and Cabify. In a session held on Wednesday (2), 18 deputies voted against the text, while 6 were in favor.

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O Bill 448/2019, presented by deputy Igor Timo (PODE-MG), proposes a 10% ceiling for the service fee. He had already received a contrary opinion from the rapporteur on the committee, deputy Lucas Gonzalez (NOVO-MG), and was discussed again before the vote.

In his speech, Gonzalez argued that the project interferes in a private relationship, preventing free initiative. “My report guarantees and values ​​free competition, benefiting the Brazilian citizen,” he said. “We want more people to be working with the app.”

Timo, for his part, said that it is necessary to protect drivers who, according to him, earn less than a minimum wage in some cases. “The company claims that it invests in research, but we are aware that the big investment that application companies are making is in autonomous cars. When autonomous cars are running, where do drivers go? What was offered to them in terms of training? ”, He asked.

Despite the rejection in the Commission of Viação e Transportes, the bill will continue to be processed in the Chamber of Deputies. It will be forwarded to the Commission for Economic Development, Industry, Trade and Services and then to the Commission for Constitution and Justice and Citizenship.

As the bill is conclusive, it will not need to be voted on in plenary if the two committees also conclude their rejection. If one of them votes for approval or if there is an appeal signed by at least 52 deputies, the matter must be analyzed in plenary.

With information: Chamber of Deputies.

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