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Nintendo announced the launch of Hitman 3 and Control Ultimate Edition for Switch, but both will run via streaming in the cloud, without necessarily downloading games to the device. Hitman yet to be released, but Control is now available in the eShop, with free trial and for a limited time.

Control arrives at the Switch via streaming in the cloud (Image: Felipe Vinha / Tecnoblog)

Control arrives at the Switch via streaming in the cloud (Image: Felipe Vinha / Tecnoblog)

It works like this: the user can download the game application through the eShop, which is very small, enter and test for 10 minutes. In order not to overload the servers, there may be a queue when starting the game – at least in the case of Control, which we were able to test.

It is possible to choose between playing prioritizing performance, with less neat graphics, or quality, with maximum graphics. From then on, the game’s transmission on the Switch depends on the user’s Internet connection.

After the 10 minutes expire, you must pay an access pass to continue playing. The price may vary depending on the game. You must play for at least five minutes to purchase access passes.

Control queue example (Image: Felipe Vinha / Tecnoblog)

Control queue example (Image: Felipe Vinha / Tecnoblog)

In the first test performed with Control we stayed in place 291 in the queue. Minutes later we returned to the game and the queue was already over 600 people.

Cloud on Switch

Cloud games for Switch are new in the West but have been a reality in Japan for a few months now.

In 2018 the console received Resident Evil 7, from Capcom, and in 2019 it was the turn of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey land on the Nintendo console.

The two ran via streaming in the cloud, following the same pattern as what we are seeing now with Control and Hitman 3. The western launch of these titles in this format, however, never occurred.

As the launch is valid for the North American eShop, it is possible that the connection is a problem for Brazilian players, even though the download is completely released, without region locks.

With information: Nintendo.

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