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Hearthstone, just like any good card game (physical or digital) sustains its fan base by constantly renewing itself. Knowing this, Blizzard launched the new adventure Tombs of Terror, which now increments the package Saviors of Uldum of your card game. The novelty of this solo mode is the possibility of playing with double class heroes, which expands your strategy options.


The new attack / defense mechanics of the Explorers’ League adventurers are a welcome help in facing The Pest Lords, monstrosities with very high defense and hit points above 200, depending on the opponent.

The interesting thing about being able to assemble heroes with cards of two classes is to remember a little of the great multiclass characters of traditional RPGs. In particular, I loved playing with my mage / necromancer. But back to the Hearthstone, Tombs of Terror allows you combinations that previously seemed unlikely, such as: Mage / Rogue or Paladin / Shaman.

In practice, the dual class mode of Tombs of Terror it means having more options in your hand to build your deck, mixing the basic cards of each class and other extras, which you earn as you advance (and survive) in the adventure. Ah, at the beginning of each match, you also choose a powerful exclusive treasure.

hearthstone tombs of terror

In the test I did, it was not possible to choose which classes to combine, at random. It was necessary to choose the following predefined ones:

  • Mage / Rogue (Mage / Rogue)
  • Paladin / Shaman (Paladin / Shaman)
  • Druid / Priest (Druid / Priest)
  • Hunter / Warrior

In addition to being able to win multiple card packs, at the end of chapters, players will also have the chance to unlock specific adventure card verses. Well, if you can make it to the end (still in testing, I didn’t have enough time to achieve this grace). These verses are cosmetic items, but they make your deck look pretty!

First free episode

As usual in Hearthstone, whenever new content is released something is free. In this case, it is already possible to play the first chapter of Tombs of Terror. In this episode, you will help archaeologist Reno Jackson to defeat the first Lord of the Plague, who is in the Lost City of Tol’vir.

hearthstone tombs of terror

The second chapter of the adventure arrives next week and will put you in the shoes of Sir Finley Mrgglton, who needs to cross the desert to face the Lord of the Plague of Madness.

If you are interested in continuing your journey in Tombs of Terror, each chapter can be unlocked for the cost of 700 gold or R $ 14. If you want buy all episodes at one time, the price is R $ 28.

You can play Hearthstone, free of charge, on the computer (Windows and Mac) or on mobile devices (Android and iOS). Ah, the game may be free, but you can only get the best decks if you buy new cards anyway (with game gold or real money). It doesn’t hurt to warn …

* The journalist traveled to São Paulo at the invitation of Blizzard Brasil.

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